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Corporate and Business Consultancy

Consulting programmes and services offered by PS Consulting Group cover the following areas:

1) Strategic Business Planning & Management

2) Financial & Capital Management

3) Sales, Marketing & Branding Management

4) Intellectual Properties Management

5) Human Resource Development


Strategic Business Planning is a consultancy project that encompasses strategy formulation, decision making, operational execution, monitoring and control which spans all organisational levels and hierarchy.
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The Financial & Capital Management Programme comprises three phases (Assessment, Planning, Implementation). the programme aims to develop financial management as a core competency in support of the business development plans of organisations.

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Every company needs to realise its income. Therefore, Sales, Marketing and Branding are largely regarded as the key driving factors for every company's success. In today's dynamic and competitive market environment, there are plenty of companies who are facing marketing and brandning difficulties.

In view of these critical situations, PS Consulting Group has designed a series of strategic development programmes for its customers (which are mostly progressive enterprises) to enable them to improve on their sales, marketing and branding positions so as to enhance their competitiveness and profitability.

The programmes are highly customised based on customers' products, market, suppliers, clientele and their competitive profile.

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Intellectual Properties are the soul of each organization, that determines its core position and long term sustainability in the market. Every company needs to realise its main income driver that is associated with its intrinsic value. PS Consulting Group offers a unique approach to uncover and enhance the clients’ overall business value through the discovery and nurturing of its intellectual properties.

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All businesses need PEOPLE!

PS Consulting Group offers our comprehensive consultancy services in the areas of:

- Carrying out strategic Assessment and Review of human resource quality and practices;
- Adopting a structured approach to staff training & development;
- Improving the effectiveness of staff training;
- Achieving better business performance through Teamwork

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